Getting Started on Lobby

Here's how to start making your way to the top!

1. The Basics

Lobby is a mix of KitPvP, survival, and prison. It can be confusing to get started, so read through this guide to get a head-start!

2. Getting Started

Start by walking straight until you see the non-PvP mines. These are a safe location to get basic weapons and gear.

Enter the mine and find the villager at the bottom to claim a pickaxe.

Once you collect iron and coal, use a private furnace room to smelt your iron.

Once you have made iron armor and weapons, enchant them at the enchanting table.

Type /pv 1 to access your private vault. Keep your valuables stored here, as they are only available to you, and are kept if you die. It's basically an ender chest with more space.

One perk of donating is extra private vault storage space!

3. Exploring the Map

Below are some major landmarks on the map to visit.

Keep in mind that PvP is enabled across the map!

4. Command Reference

Text in <brackets> needs to be replaced with something else. For example, /pv <number> needs a value, like /pv 3.

/bal - Check your bank balance

/baltop - See the richest players

/bounty - Set a bounty on another player

/cf - Post a coinflip request. You can bet on a coinflip with another player, and the winner takes all

/discord - Visit our Discord, and link your account

/envoy - Check the time remaining before the next supply drop

/f - Add friends to get notified when they join and leave

/help - Get more information on the server

/ignore <player> - Block someone from messaging you, and seeing them in chat

/kit - See the kits available to use

/m <player> <message> - Send a message to another player

/msgtoggle - Block everyone from messaging you

/pay <player> <amount> - Pay another player

/r <message> - Reply to the last person who messaged you with a message

/recipes - See the custom crafting recipes available

/realname <nickname> - See the real username of a player using a nickname

/rules - Read the server rules

/spawn - Return to spawn

/tags - View the chat tags you can apply

/team - Learn about starting or joining a team

/trade <player> - Securely trade with another player without the risk of getting scammed

Donor Perks

/color - Change your chat color

/nick - Change your nickname (Gold rank and up can use color codes)